The Yerushalimsky Archive

A veritable treasure trove of letters, postcards, responsa and novella of the late Rabbi Moses Yerushalimsky.

Rabbi Moses Nahum Yerushalimsky was born in the Ukraine in 1855. A child prodigy, he eventually became rabbi in the Ukrainian village of Kamenka. Later, he was appointed rabbi at Ostrelenka and then at Kielce in Russian-occupied Poland. He enjoyed contact with many leading rabbinic figures, communal leaders and other luminaries. A supporter of the Hibbat Zion movement and an important liaison with Polish and Russian authorities, Yerushalimsky's correspondences reflect both Torah scholarship and worldly practicalities.

The Rabbi Moses Nahum Yerushalimsky Collection consists of more than 25,000 archival items, including more than 6,000 letters and 4,000 postcards. The archive contains a wealth of raw material on public issues, Jewish education, Jewish law and customs and numerous communal problems of Russian and Polish Jewry in the late nineteenth century. The late Professor Saul Lieberman recognized the importance of this collection in 1968 and urged the Schocken Library to purchase this rabbinic treasure trove. Thanks to the Allan M. Michael Strook Foundation, ninety-five percent of the original collection was purchased by the Jewish Theological Seminary and is located at the Schocken Institute Library in Jerusalem. The online collection includes JPEG images and full cataloging records.

This project was done with the generous assistance of the German Federal Republic